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Best Practices Guide: Automation & Controls For Cannabis Cultivation: & Controlled Environment Agriculture Operations

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As a cultivator operating in a constantly evolving industry, you may feel like it is hard to know who to trust. The horticultural market has changed a lot, technology has advanced, and so have the technical terms used to describe everything. It can be hard to navigate the purchasing process when planning a facility and challenging to understand minimum performance requirements for equipment.

We are here to help. As a non-profit organization, the Resource Innovation Institute establishes industry standards, facilitates best practices, and advocates for effective policies and incentives that drive resource efficiency. Our peer reviewed Best Practices Guides are a way of helping growers like you understand the most resource-efficient technologies and how to use them to boost your bottom line.

The operational changes necessary for an efficient cultivation facility may be detailed, but they do not have to be a mystery. Our membership is comprised of subject matter experts with the knowledge to help you build and operate the most high-performance and cost-effective facility for cultivating plant life indoors.

You may be looking for a source of reliable third-party information, motivated to reduce overhead for your business, or have goals for a more energy efficient facility. Whatever the reason, when you are considering a decision related to the systems used in your facility, we hope you lay the groundwork with the insights offered in Resource Innovation Institute’s Best Practices Guides.



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