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Best Practices Guide: Energy Efficiency for Massachusetts Marijuana Cultivators: Including Guidance for Marijuana Establishments and Treatment Centers

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The purpose of this Energy Efficiency Best Practices Guide for Massachusetts Marijuana Cultivators is to support you, the Commonwealth cultivator, and your business with objective recommendations on operating an energy-efficient cultivation facility. The guide is assembled by the non-profit organization Resource Innovation Institute, funded by the Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources and peer-reviewed by Massachusetts-based practitioners with experience designing, constructing and operating cannabis cultivation and other horticultural facilities with energy efficiency in mind. This Best Practice Guide should not be construed as legal advice. Rather, it is intended to help you make informed decisions that consider upfront costs, operating costs, available incentives and greenhouse gas emissions impacts.

This guide is a companion to Resource Innovation Institute’s peer-reviewed Best Practices Guides on LED Lighting for Cannabis Cultivation and HVAC for Cannabis Cultivation, which
help growers like you better understand resource-efficient technologies, how to use them, related terminology and metrics that can guide your efficiency tracking.