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California Efficient Yields PG&E Workshop 1: Efficient HVAC + Dehumidification Strategies for Craft Cultivation Operations

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Carmen Azzaretti |  Dan Dettmers |  Derek Gambrel |  Randy Lenz |  James Megerson
1.5 hours
Audio and Video
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Dec 08, 2022
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Future-proof your commercial cultivation operation by understanding the best practices for designing, installing, and operating HVAC and dehumidification systems to manage moisture, temperature and air circulation. This seminar is designed to provide craft cultivators in Northern California climates, and their design and construction project partners, with what they need to know to stay competitive and comply with regulations. Experts in resource efficient production will present on high performance HVAC and dehumidification equipment to maintain the environmental conditions needed for optimal plant growth and development, upcoming code changes, utility incentive programs, and strategies to increase productivity in plant production operations. The audience will participate in a discussion where attendees can get answers to questions about growing and saving money with energy-efficient HVAC and dehumidification equipment.

Topical areas include:

  • Energy planning for indoor and greenhouse cultivation facilities

  •  Understanding and selecting energy sources

  • Title 24 Part 6 code requirements for greenhouses and indoor farms

  • Setting goals for efficiency and productivity

  • HVACD 101 for cultivation: key terms and concepts

  • Typical HVAC system choices for greenhouses and indoor farms

    • Electrification

    • Heat pumps

    • Renewable energy

  • Selecting efficient target environmental conditions

  • Estimating HVAC loads and sizing HVAC equipment for greenhouses and indoor

  • Energy and water benchmarking for continuous improvement

  • Working with your utility and maximizing incentive


Target audience:

  • Cultivators

  • Operations & Facility Staff

  • Design & Construction Partners

  • Property Owners

  • Utility & Government Representatives



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Carmen Azzaretti's Profile

Carmen Azzaretti Related Seminars and Products

Resource Innovation Institute

As Engineering & Operations Manager at RII, Carmen managing activities related to PowerScore expansion and development, coordinating logistics associated with Technical Advisory Council activities, and technical activities of the team.

Carmen has a mechanical engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. While climbing wind turbines in the mountains of Vermont, she got her certification as a passive house consultant and further cultivated her passion for resource efficiency in the built environment, leading her to RII. 

Dan Dettmers's Profile

Dan Dettmers Related Seminars and Products

Sr. Application Engineer

Quest Climate

Dan Dettmers joined Quest 4 years ago with a 20+ year background in food/pharma processing, industrial refrigeration and HVAC infrastructure design. For 15 of those years Dan moonlighted at his own hop farm, the other member of the cannabacea family. With his partners, they developed a business that covered every aspect from plant propagation to final pelletization of the hops for their brewery customers.  They even designed and built harvesting and drying equipment for others joining the industry.

 Dan’s primary duty at Quest is to help the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry solve their climate control problems to increase the productivity of their farms and quality of their products. He also works in R&D developing new products for Quest, sits on several industry standard writing bodies, and provides technical training both in and outside of the company. 

Derek Gambrel's Profile

Derek Gambrel Related Seminars and Products

Redwood Remedies

Derek Gambrel is the Owner and CEO of Redwood Remedies, a Mendocino County, California based cannabis company, operating Tier 2 mixed-light, outdoor, distribution, and nursery licenses.  Derek founded Redwood Remedies in 2013 as a high-quality, craft cannabis flower brand. Redwood Remedies has become one of the state's first accredited producers of OCAL certified, comparable-to-organic, cannabis in California. In addition to flower cultivation, Derek has built a robust genetic library of proprietary and unique cannabis varietals that are provided as nursery stock, as well as being showcased on the Redwood Remedies flower menu. 


Derek graduated from Purdue University in 2004 with a degree in Agriculture, specializing in Horticulture Production and Marketing. After college, he worked as a Grower at PRT in Oregon growing conifer seedlings for reforestation. 


In his free time Derek enjoys traveling, going to live music events, cooking, and spending time with family. 

Randy Lenz's Profile

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Randy Lenz is the Senior Applications Engineer for Anden humidity control solutions including grow-optimized dehumidifiers and humidifiers. He is one of the original founders of Anden and is very passionate about the cannabis industry. Randy has 19 years of experience in controlling humidity for indoor environments, and has a great reputation of providing best-in-class customer service and technical support as well as a thorough understanding of the cannabis space. Randy likes to have one-on-one conversations with cultivators, no matter the day or time, to make sure they are getting the environmental control they need.

James Megerson's Profile

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Anvil Agrinomics, LLC

With over 35 years of experience in the design and construction of building systems, Jim Megerson leads the firm while keeping current with issues of building systems design, including indoor controlled environments for agriculture, energy efficiency standards and green building practices.

During college, Jim completed a sheet metal worker apprenticeship program where he gained invaluable knowledge in the fabrication and installation of sheet metal products, HVAC equipment and associated hardware for large commercial, material handling and clean room applications.

This combines world class engineering knowledge along with hands-on, tool belt wearing experience to balancing design, construction cost, operations & maintenance to achieve the best return on the owner’s HVACD investment.

Jim provides project management, HVACD engineering and quality control on our cultivation and manufacturing projects.