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Controlled Environment Agriculture HVAC Best Practices Guide

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Best Practices Guide |  CEA |  Crop |  Cultivation Approach |  Energy |  Greenhouse |  Indoor |  Topic Area |  USDA |  HVAC
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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and systems for cultivation applications are process-driven and drive plant production. Understanding HVAC equipment and how to stage systems efficiently and effectively can be difficult to navigate for CEA producers.

The purpose of this CEA HVAC Best Practices Guide is to support you, the cultivator, and your design, construction, and operations professionals with:

  • Speaking the language relevant to HVAC in horticultural applications

  • Reviewing manufacturer’s literature to evaluate your purchasing options

  • Understanding crucial considerations when selecting HVAC equipment

  • Installing and operating successful HVAC solutions in alignment with your business model


CEA HVAC Best Practices Guide: