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Cultivating Change: The Role of Environmental Accounting in CEA's Future

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Derek Smith |  Tom Stenzel |  Matt Meisel
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Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the groundbreaking Guide to Environmental Accounting and Reporting for CEA Operations. The webinar will feature panelsists Derek Smith from RII, Tom Stenzel from the CEA Alliance, and Matt Miesel from Little Leaf Farms as they discuss the guide as a pivotal resource in the way CEA measures the performance and impact of greenhouse and indoor farming. 

The CEA Footprint Project, a pioneering initiative driven by producers and stakeholders, has developed this comprehensive guide that establishes consistent and verifiable accounting and reporting standards, providing essential tools for CEA producers and stakeholders to adopt standardized measurement practices.

Discover how the guide addresses critical issues such as resource efficiency, carbon emissions, and environmental impact assessments. Learn about the key performance indicators essential for both internal management and external reporting, and gain insights into industry-relevant carbon emissions accounting.

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Derek Smith's Profile

Derek Smith Related Seminars and Products

Executive Director

Resource Innovation Institute

As Executive Director, Derek provides overall leadership and strategic direction. Derek engages RII’s advisory bodies, including the Strategic Advisory Council and Technical Advisory Council Leadership Committees, develops global partnerships and oversees the organization’s policy work.

Before RII, Derek led Clean Energy Works, recognized as one of the most successful American Recovery & Reinvestment Act ("stimulus") programs. He has directed energy programs for the City of Portland, managed operations for a VC-backed start-up and created an award-winning corporate sustainability program for a national retailer. Derek has testified to the US Senate Energy Committee and briefed the US Secretary of Energy.

Derek enjoys playing and listening to a range of music, soccer (especially his hometown Portland Timbers), hiking and travel.

Tom Stenzel's Profile

Tom Stenzel Related Seminars and Products

Executive Director

CEA Alliance

Tom serves as Executive Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Alliance, after serving almost 30 years as President and CEO of the United Fresh Produce Association. In 2021, Tom helped launch the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA), a new association formed by the combination of United Fresh and the Produce Marketing Association. He served as Co-CEO of IFPA through March 2022, before forming his own consulting business The Stenzel Group LLC and beginning work on behalf of the CEA Alliance.

Matt Meisel's Profile

Matt Meisel Related Seminars and Products

Chief Development Officer

Little Leaf Farms

Matthew Meisel is the current Chief Development Officer at Little Leaf Farms. Prior to this, they were the Strategic Planning and Analysis Manager at Harvest Power, Inc. from April 2011 to October 2015. In this role, they were responsible for strategy, financial analysis, operations analysis, and business development for two of Harvest Power's subsidiaries, Harvest Garden Pro and Harvest RGI. Before joining Harvest Power, Matthew was an analyst at the Clinton Climate Initiative's Building Retrofit Program from August 2009 to February 2010. In this role, they developed tracking tools for energy efficiency improvements and analyzed "PACE," a novel energy efficiency financing method. Prior to that, Matthew worked as a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Company from October 2007 to April 2011. In this role, they collaborated with 5-to-20 person client teams to help them better understand market positioning, cost structure, and supplier networks. Matthew also researched of diverse markets, including building products, commercial lending, enterprise software, power generation, and medical devices.
Matthew Meisel completed their undergraduate studies at Harvard University, where they majored in Chemistry and Chemical Biology.