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Efficient Yields Tri-County: Automation & Controls Best Practices for All Cultivation Environments

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California |  Cannabis |  Region |  Controls |  Topic Area |  Cultivation Approach |  Greenhouse |  Indoor |  Sungrown |  Educational Content |  Efficient Yields Workshops |  3C-REN
Kyle Booth |  Jon Crozier |  Ian Logan |  Thomas Lor |  Gretchen Schimelpfenig |  Autumn Shelton |  Jan Westra
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Oct 14, 2021
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Learn how environmental control systems managing lighting, HVAC, and water processes are crucial for growers to achieve maximum yields in all cannabis production environments. Understand how automation of resource-consuming systems can drive competitive performance by improving efficiency and productivity to increase profits.


Topical areas include:

  • Compete & Comply to Maximize Profit & Productivity

  • Retrofitting Buildings and Systems for Cultivation

  • Compliance with Title 24, Part 6 Energy Code

  • Resilient CEA Facility Design: Energy Choice

  • Energy Planning

  • Demand Management for Cultivation Facilities

  • Resource Benchmarking

  • Key Performance Indicators for Cannabis

  • Net Zero Carbon Cannabis


Target audience:

  • Cultivators

  • Operations & Facility Staff

  • Design & Construction Partners

  • Property Owners

  • Utility & Government Representatives



Kyle Booth's Profile

Kyle Booth Related Seminars and Products

Senior Staff Engineer

Energy Solutions

Jon Crozier's Profile

Jon Crozier Related Seminars and Products

Business Development Manager


Jon Crozier is the National Business Development Manager for all Cannabis Projects at Hansen-Rice, Inc. Jon also manages all Food & Beverage business development for Hansen-Rice, Inc. in the western US. Hansen-Rice, Inc. is a 36 year old nationally licensed design build firm based in Nampa, ID. Currently an NCIA, and RII member, HANSEN-RICE INC. leverages an integrated design-build approach by providing value to construction projects through a full range of Program Management, Design & Engineering, Pre-Construction and Construction solutions. Jon has over 10 years of business development experience and specializes in large scale capital projects. Jon and HRI’s expertise on upfront project planning and experience in setting proper expectations early in the process provide clients and owners extreme value and limit risk in understanding the scope, schedule, and cost of a construction project.

Ian Logan's Profile

Ian Logan Related Seminars and Products

Sustainability Program Specialist

County of Ventura

Ian has been in the building industry for the past 10 years in varying degrees, working in carpentry and property management. He acquired his bachelor's in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Energy & Sustainability from UC Santa Barbara in 2018. Ian now works closely with 3C-REN's Building Performance Training & Energy Code Connect Programs to provide stellar educational opportunities and code support for the Central Coast’s workforce.

Thomas Lor's Profile

Thomas Lor Related Seminars and Products

Program Engineer

Southern California Edison

Autumn Shelton's Profile

Autumn Shelton Related Seminars and Products

Partner and CFO

Autumn Brands

Autumn Shelton is partner and Chief Financial Officer of Autumn Brands, a 50 percent woman-owned cannabis business located in sunny coastal Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, California. She has spent almost 4 years successfully navigating the unchartered waters of California’s medical marijuana collective model and the newly legal cannabis industry.  A calculated risk taker with an outstanding aptitude for numbers, Autumn champions the health and wellness benefits of cannabis and is committed to cultivation free of pesticides.

In her position as CFO, Autumn is a strategic decision maker for the family farm, which started in Holland more than 100 years ago. Along with overseeing the company’s financials, she is in charge of legal compliance on the local and state levels. This includes, but is not limited too, ordinances, regulations, packaging, permits, and licensing. Another farm duty is walking the greenhouses once or twice a week to check on “the ladies” (only the female cannabis plant produces the valuable flower). Autumn also is a face of the company and regularly meets with other executives in the cannabis industry. 

Immediately after college graduation, Autumn earned her real estate license and worked for Prudential California Real Estate. Industrious and focused, she further earned her Real Estate Brokers License and started her own company, Platform Real Estate, to focus on the REO (foreclosure) market. This was followed by a job as an REO Asset officer at Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, where she managed their foreclosed residential and commercial portfolio.

Autumn switched industries and took her financial acumen to the agricultural sector. A commercial cut flower grower needed help with cost efficiencies. In 2015, her commercial cut flower growing boss, a fifth-generation farmer, was approached to lease his greenhouses to grow medical marijuana. After very careful vetting and intensive risk assessment led by Autumn, medical marijuana was given the green light. Shortly after that, Autumn’s then boss, now partner, decided to seed a medical marijuana collective in some of his other greenhouses. On Jan. 1, 2018, Autumn Brands, the for-profit company under the new regulations MAUCRSA, began operating. MAUCRSA is the Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.

Autumn was born in Carpinteria, though raised out of the area. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a minor in Italian, from UC Santa Barbara. Generous with her knowledge and expertise, Autumn is a sought-after panelist and public speaker on the nuts and bolts of operating a licensed California cannabis cultivation business. She and her husband Abe make their home in Santa Barbara with their young son, Lennox and daughter, Jade.

Jan Westra's Profile

Jan Westra Related Seminars and Products

Strategic Business Developer


Strategic business developer at Priva, De Lier, Westland, The Netherlands Dr. Jan Westra works at Priva as strategic business developer, mainly for research and development projects at the cutting edge of horticulture and building technology.  Another part is looking into what startups can bring for Priva and Priva for them. He graduated M.Sc. at the TU Delft in 1985, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Refrigeration and Indoor Climate Control (HVAC). Subsequently did PhD research at the same department, culminating in a thesis in 1990 on the topic: Development of an Advanced Absorption Heat Transformer. A thermal device to transform low grade heat without adding energy flows to high grade heat by an absorption process. After TU Delft Jan Westra worked for more than five years at an HVAC consultancy firm in Rotterdam. In 1996 Westra joined the Priva company. Partly for the development of equipment for water treatment for greenhouses, partly for directing research projects with universities and colleges. Examples: University of Ghent, KU Leuven, Wageningen UR, University of Twente and TU Delft. Priva operates in three markets: horticulture and building management systems plus vertical farming. In these fields he contributes in business development and researching new techniques.  A newer endeavor by Priva is the Sustainable Urban Delta concept, tying food, energy, recreation and other functions together in the most sustainable way. Jan contributes to this program. Jan Westra is a specialist in the field of urban agriculture or vertical farming, where the horticulture and building worlds come together. On behalf of Priva he is involved in many initiatives in this field worldwide. Last few years his focus is on Europe, USA and Canada, also connecting to research institutes and universities. Jan is a member of the board of the Netherlands Canada Chamber of Commerce, the advisory board of the TU Delft AgTech Institute as well as the Executive Board of the PIP program by FFAR in the USA. And a speaker at several conventions.