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Michigan Efficient Yields: Facility Design & Construction Best Practices for Efficient Indoor Agriculture

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Cultivators use different approaches to retrofit and construct buildings to cultivate a variety of crops. Sometimes facility choices correlate with facility location, real estate prices, climate zone, crop, and final product. Each method has different pros and cons for businesses. Cultivators are motivated to grow in indoor farms to maximize profitability while minimizing operational expenses. Understand the key performance indicators and targets to guide producers and project teams during the design and construction phases, reduce energy use and operating costs for resilient facilities, and maximize incentives from your local utilities and efficiency programs.


Topical areas include:

  • Benefits of Indoor Controlled Environments for Crops

  • Assembling CEA Project Teams

  • The Value of Commissioning

  • Navigating Codes and Permits

  • Maximizing Technical Assistance for CEA Projects

  • Design and Construction Best Practices for Indoor Farms

  • Considerations for Indoor Enclosures and Vertical Farms

  • Benchmarking Design & Construction KPIs

  • Operations & Maintenance Planning


Target audience:

  • Cultivators

  • Operations & Facility Staff

  • Design & Construction Partners

  • Property Owners

  • Utility & Government Representatives


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Funded with support from your local utilities and efficiency programs:

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