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Michigan Efficient Yields: Greenhouse Optimization - Aligning Your Systems with Your Surroundings

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Cannabis |  CEA |  Crop |  Cultivation Approach |  Efficient Yields Workshops |  Greenhouse |  Michigan |  Region
Dr. Dengke Cai |  Robert Hanifin |  Kasey Holland |  Gretchen Schimelpfenig |  Luis Trujillo
2 hours
Audio and Video
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Mar 29, 2022
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Crop production and quality in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) greenhouses is dependent on the performance of the HVAC systems to maintain target environmental conditions. Growing crops in greenhouses involves using HVAC equipment to minimize pest, disease, mold, and fungus issues and maximize consistent yields. The crops you grow - food, floriculture, or cannabis - and your greenhouse location and construction influence your environmental control strategies.  Understand the process application for your HVAC systems to choose efficient lighting products, reduce energy use and operating costs for resilient greenhouses, and maximize incentives from your local utilities and efficiency programs.


Topical areas include:

  • How CEA Crops Use Air and Moisture

  • Benefits of High-Performance HVAC Systems for Greenhouses

  • CEA HVAC System Types

  • Optimizing HVAC System Design

  • Maximizing Financial Incentives for CEA HVAC Equipment

  • Energy Loads and Equipment Sizing

  • HVAC Best Practices for Greenhouses

  • Controls & Automation in Greenhouse Cultivation

  • Commissioning CEA HVAC Systems

  • Benchmarking HVAC System KPIs


Target audience:

  • Cultivators

  • Operations & Facility Staff

  • Design & Construction Partners

  • Property Owners

  • Utility & Government Representatives




Funded with support from your local utilities and efficiency programs:



Dr. Dengke Cai's Profile

Dr. Dengke Cai Related Seminars and Products

Director, Product Development for Lighting

Hawthorne Gardening

Robert Hanifin's Profile

Robert Hanifin Related Seminars and Products

Greenhouse Climate Consultant

Independent Consultant

Rob Hanifin is a climate consultant. He focuses on technical support to greenhouse growers in using their curtains to help optimize their greenhouse climate. Rob worked for Ludvig Svensson for six years and now serves the industry as an independent consultant Overall, Rob has over ten years experience in CEA.

Kasey Holland's Profile

Kasey Holland Related Seminars and Products

Technical Manager

As Technical Manager for the DLC’s Horticultural Lighting Program, Kasey Holland leads all strategic planning, direction and development of the DLC’s Horticultural Lighting Technical Requirements. After studying and working as a graduate student research assistant at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s (RPI) Lighting Research Center, Kasey’s desire to work for a mission-driven organization and interest in product development led him to join the DLC where he informs quality of light topics for the DLC’s Solid-State Lighting Program focusing primarily on spectral quality considerations. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Stephen F. Austin State University and earned a Master’s in Lighting at RPI and is a member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ ES-310 Ag Lighting Group and the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Horticulture Lighting and Color committees.