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Sustainability in Indoor Ag: Where Are We Headed Next?

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Travis Graham |  Tracy Nazzaro |  Gretchen Schimelpfenig
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Feb 02, 2022
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Join Agritecture and WayBeyond and a series of expert guests for a synthesis of the key insights generated in the Agritecture 2021 Global CEA Census Report and conversations about what these mean for the industry’s future.

Hosts Kylie Horomia, Head of Industry Transformation at WayBeyond, and Ricky Stephens, Director of Digital Strategy at Agritecture, will chat with speakers who can offer specific ideas, insights, and solutions to some of the challenges uncovered related to sustainability, including: understanding what metrics to track and how to track them, high energy consumption, sources of energy, reliance on plastic packaging in the industry, and general greenwashing.


Travis Graham's Profile

Travis Graham Related Seminars and Products

Account Manager

Schneider Electric

Travis has over 20 years of business development experience globally, and is a certified energy procurement/ sustainability/efficiency expert within multiple verticals including Pharmaceutical, Horticulture and Food and Beverage.

Tracy Nazzaro Related Seminars and Products

President & General Manager

Traders Hill Farm

Tracy is a seasoned expert at developing complex business solutions and is a specialist in designing rapid growth enterprises. She is a results oriented executive who pursues client solutions from the perspective of an embedded operative who functions as part of a seamless team.