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Alex Turkewitsch

Greenhouse Design LLC Engineering Group

Alex is the President & Greenhouse Consultant for Alex Turkewitsch, P.Eng.Ltd., dba “Greenhouse Engineering” since March 1999, where he plans, specifies, designs and implements commercial, institutional and research greenhouse facilities.

He is a member of the team at Greenhouse Design LLC since 2009, where he is active as a consulting greenhouse engineer. He designs greenhouse facilities ranging from plant production ranges, garden centers, shade houses and lath houses to compartmentalized research greenhouses, conservatories, rooftop farms, and custom structures. Alex also performs inspections, commissioning services, project management and engineering evaluations.

His international client list includes architects, greenhouse operators, manufacturers, institutions, governments, research organizations, universities, and bio-technology companies. Alex has consulted on, provided designs and implemented and commissioned greenhouse projects in all 10 Canadian provinces, Nunavut, 25 States in the USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Philippines, Australia, Kenya, and Malaysia.