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Colin Brice

Plant Specialist


Colin Brice is one of more than 20 plant specialists supporting the Philips horticulture LED team. Colin is a horticultural scientist and systems engineer with experience in greenhouse management, LED photomorphogenesis research, and electronics design. As a Plant Specialist, Brice works with a team of horticultural specialists at Signify to design and implement LED lighting strategies, supporting sales efforts in all segments – hemp and medicinal cannabis, ornamental, high-wire fruits and vegetables, and leafy greens in both greenhouse and sole-source settings. Brice is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Plant Sciences and an M.S. in Biosystems Technology, whose research focused on indoor cultivation of leafy greens, LED lighting systems, fluid handling systems, and electrical efficiency evaluations. Colin is an active member of Resource Innovation Institute’s Technical Advisory Council and helped develop RII’s Controls Best Practices Guide with the 2021 Controls Working Group.

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