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Gretchen Schimelpfenig

Technical Director

Resource Innovation Institute

As Technical & Operations Director, Gretchen manages the PowerScore resource benchmarking platform, facilitates RII’s Technical Advisory Council Working Groups and manages our continuing education program for producers, efficiency programs, and design and construction communities. She works with members and subject matter experts to publish technical guidance for production of plants in controlled environments, develops and delivers curriculum, and supports PowerScore users with resource benchmarking analysis and reporting compliance. She authors RII’s Best Practices Guides for controlled environment agriculture, as well as the first state-specific best practices guide for cannabis cultivators for Massachusetts. 

Gretchen is a licensed Civil Professional Engineer (Construction) in California and Vermont. She brings her experience as an energy efficiency program engineer for commercial and industrial buildings to help other utility program implementers in the Utility Working Group reach cultivators with their specialized incentives and technical assistance. She was the Project Engineer for the Burlington 2030 District, a developer of the Burlington Electric benchmarking program, and a peer reviewer of the city’s roadmap to achieve net zero energy by 2030. She also has a specialty in analyzing the interactive effects between HVAC and lighting systems and commissioning controls systems. 

Gretchen grows vine crops and herbs in her veggie garden, greenhouse, and basement in her Vermont farmhouse and is constantly using her HVAC and lighting knowledge to optimize her grow environments.


Product Type

MAEEP: Infrastructure Planning for Successful Horticultural Projects

2 hours

Thu, Jun 10, 2021 - 01:00pm to 03:00pm EDT

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