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Kenda Branch

Sr Design Engineer

Hawthorne Gardening

Kenda Branch is a Sr. Design Engineer at Hawthorne Gardening Company, where they work with the Design Team in the Professional Technical Services department and provide cultivation designs and sales/customer support for horticultural facilities.


Kenda has been with Hawthorne for three years but has been in the lighting industry for over ten years; they got their start working for ETL as a lighting engineer. While at ETL, they tested nearly every type of lighting product out there, which included safety, photometric, and photobiological testing according to various standards, and they also assisted customers with certifications for Energy Star, DLC and Dark Sky recognition. Since joining Hawthorne, Kenda has created thousands of designs for hundreds of growers all over North America and has expanded into hardware, airflow, and irrigation/fertigation designs.


When not on the job, Kenda enjoys hiking, powerlifting, and karaoke.


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California Efficient Yields: Lighting Best Practices for Efficient Controlled Environment Agriculture

Kenda Branch |  Rob Eddy |  Casey Rivero
1.5 hours
Audio and Video
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Oct 18, 2022
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