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Marielle Taft



Marielle Taft has been working in horticulture and root zone management fields since her time at UC Berkeley where she studied crop physiology and soil microbial ecology. She has extensive experience in multiple areas of commercial Cannabis production including cultivation facility management, large-scale CEA-design (indoor and greenhouse), agricultural engineering, hydroponic crop production, irrigation and fertigation design, and analytic testing. Her background in soil and IPM laboratory and field research coupled with her passion for data-driven cultivation has brought her all over North America to consult with controlled environment agriculture operators seeking  to produce the highest quality Cannabis with unrivalled efficiency and sustainability.  Prior to Grodan, Marielle acted as the director of cultivation for licensed indoor and greenhouse facilities in multiple states. Internally within Grodan Marielle works with the technical teams to design and execute crop trials at Wageningen University focused on precision irrigation and crop steering strategies. She is an international speaker delivering seminars on precision irrigation, crop steering, and data-driven growing strategies to a broad array of Cannabis stakeholders and industry leaders. As a technical crop advisor for Grodan North America she provides horticultural and operational insight to growers all around the United States while spreading her passion for precision irrigation and crop steering. In recent years Marielle’s enthusiasm for closed-loop water systems and her dedication to water conservation has brought her in close contact with the Resource Innovation Institute where she continues to foster her core values of efficiency and sustainability in CEA production, helping producers grow more with less each and every day.