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Taylor Kirk

Horticulture Service Specialist

Fluence by OSRAM

Taylor Kirk is a horticulture service specialist for Fluence by OSRAM, where he strives to help the world grow smarter by concentrating on consulting growing partners and collaborating with researchers and other cannabis industry leaders. He brings more than twenty years of experience in agriculture to the company, with a diverse background in agronomics and a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Texas A&M University. 

Following the limited legalization of medical cannabis in Texas, Taylor shifted his professional focus to cannabis production, breeding, R&D, cultivation facility design and project management in his roles as vice president of operations and director of cultivation at Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC). In these roles, he developed a strong cannabis cultivation program for the company, planting the first legal seeds under Texas’ medical cannabis program and developing medical cannabis cultivars for TOCC’s specific product needs.

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