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Craig Burg

Desert Aire

Craig Burg is the Director of Engineering for Desert Aire LLC. He has worked for Desert Aire for 22 years designing and leading product development as well as application efforts. He currently oversees research and development, custom system engineering, product testing, manufacturing engineering, and quality.

Craig attended Milwaukee School of Engineering for Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), a voting member and former committee chair and current Standard Subcommittee chair for ASHRAE TC 8.10 – Mechanical Dehumidifiers and Heat Pipes, member of TC 2.2 Plant and Animal Environments, and currently is chairing ASHRAE SPC 198 Method of Testing for Vapor Compression Cycle Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems. He is a member of AHRI Applied Products Section Task Forces.

Craig has designed a wide variety of air conditioning and dehumidification systems from small residential to very large commercial units. He currently holds five international patents and has two more patents pending related to efficient vapor compression cycles and air reheating.

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